Wednesday, March 12, 2008

book review (chapter 7)


At the end year of 1997, SKALI have developed their own portal and it needed Content Management System (CMS). Open Source platform was using because SKALI have a financial problem for develop CMS. Form that SKALI have reduce cost and there offer cheaper price for the software compared their competitors. SKALI gave a deal to Media Digital Alliance (MDA) for software developed together. The CMS program was developed by have a is name NeoFission.

At the 1999, SKALI have collaboration with company Camtech Asia IT&T. they are host, the payment gateway at our data centre and in return, they get a share of the revenues from Camtech. SKALI was having started in e-commerce for completed their business. SKALI is first company in Linux based hosting offered and their first portal is PHP programming.

At the 2001, Dr Mahathir approved the proposal of develop Open Source Competency Centre by MAMPU. SKALI, DRB-Hicom is the lead partner and SKALI is the junior partner in the project implementation.

book review (chapter 8)


At the 2000, Trifiniti Network is first customer in NeoFission. At the 2001, SKALI get the first high-profile project for developed of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) website. The main reason OIC choose the SKALI because the proposition was unique as emphasis at the marketing and business aspect. Malaysian Airport all so give in the NeoFission developing because Malaysian Airport was are shareholders SKALI.

At the 2002, SKALI get the contract website for developed Employees Provident Fund (EPF) website. But, it’s not easy to SKALI get the project because there were about 30 other competitors. But, the biggest problem for SKALI is they don’t have enough money for developed EPF website. It needs for long time to the finish this project.

At the same time, SKALI have a lucky, it is because for the Ministry of Finance bring into existence Malaysian Debt Ventures (MDV). The purposes of MDV are helped local people find out the capital. SKALI is the first one of the company at applied the MDV fund.

Friday, March 7, 2008


I would like to story on the ’Benefits of co-curricular activities to students’. Co-curricular activities are greatly encouraged among student. In fact, students are encouraged to take part in at least one society, one sport and one uniform. There are many reasons for this.

Co-curricular activities expose us to a world other than our books. We will learn skills, be they debating skills in the English Society, skills to play netball or how to give first aid during emergencies. These skills not only enrich our lives but also help us to apply what we have learnt from books to our everyday lives.

Co-curricular activities also teach us how to relate to people. We learn the importance of responsibility, tolerance and team work in the process of achieving a goal. We get to do things such as camping or jungle trekking. These activities refresh our minds and help us to concentrate on our studies better. Sport exercise the whole body so that we will not feel weak or tired all the time.

In other words, with the involvement in co-curricular activities in very importance because improve them self to us co-curricular. Therefore, co-curricular activities are indeed beneficial to student and we should value and enjoy them.

traditional food, fast food and fruit...

Hai….everyone…I want to story traditional food, fast food and fruit. Firstly, I want to story about ‘keropok lekor’, I like ‘keropok lekor’ because it is traditional food at Negeri Terengganu. If you try ‘ keropok lekor’ lets come to Terengganu. Hehe.. They are some kinds of ’keropok lekor’ such as ‘keropok rebus’, ‘keropok goreng’ and ‘keropok kering’.

For the fast food, I also like KFC and MC Donald. For KFC, I like find chicken, wedges, potato cheese and coslow. For MC Donald, I like double cheese burger, Big Mac burger and fried chicken. But the fast food don’t for every were because it is bad the health. You can eat but you don’t the gaudy.

For the fruit, I also like local fruit in Malaysia. Local fruit in Malaysia are know for their delicious taste and enriched vitamins. The seasonal fruit such as durians, rambutans and mangos teens are the most popular fruits due to their unique taste. The demands for these fruits are so high that people from the urban areas used to drive to rural village to buy the fresh fruits. The fruits are easily available at all markets and supermarkets. It is proven that Malaysian fruits such as bananas, papayas pineapples, mangoes and guavas contain a lot of vitamins and fibred. These fruits are good for health. I eat these fruit every day. I have begun to eat the fruits because they found out that the fruit are fresh, tasty and healthy.

My favorite’s games

Everyone have their own favorite games, same with me…I have my own favorite games. I like is because I can release tension. Everyday, I will download new games such as from in the internet .the website is and Sometimes, I will get the games from my members. I put all the games in my laptop. I’m also able to teach my brother and my sister to play the games because they can improve them self to us computer.

Nowadays, there are many people like to play online games especially boys. Maybe games have many choices. My first games are Zuma Deluxe at the moment I interested with the games. I only play games it when I have free times or during weekends. The games with most I like are cake mania, sally salon, Burger Island, pizza frenzy, diner dash, pairs (Chen Program Study), feeding frenzy, V cop 2 and so on.

I like play games in my laptop because I can play with in any where and any time I like. I like play the games house because I can improve my self, to good learner. I will practice games until I expert. Disadvantage of the games are oblivious, and waste times. Advantage of the games are improve us to play computer, release tension, sensitivity test own expert and so on the same time it to do not need any cost so we can save the money.

Monday, February 18, 2008

My favourite mobile..


Everyone have their own favourite’s brand for mobile phone. My favourite mobile phone’s brand are Sony Ericsson versus Nokia. I like Sony Ericsson because it has many functions such as infrared, Bluetooth, camera, a sound very clear, memory card, radio and so on.

While, Nokia brand’s a download software and can add the games. I think mobile is very important because I can communicate with members and make emergency calls. If it lose of course I feel boring.

When I buy mobile phone, I will survey its function and price. I always survey from internet, magazines, members and owner from mobile shop. I prefer the latest design and small one.

Now, I use the Sony Ericsson model W800i and Nokia model 2300. I choose Sony Ericsson because sound very clear, walkman, picture very clear and has a radio. I like its music because I can change the song everyday. By Bluetooth I can get the latest song from members. I like to decorate my mobile phone. I’m always change the housing.

Sony Ericsson mobile phone also has their disadvantage such as the maintenance. Sony Ericsson’s hardware very difficult to get the from shop because the model rarely used. While, Nokia’s mobile phone are very easy for maintenance because the mobile its used was very wide.

The differentiate between Sony Ericsson versus Nokia design, price and maintenance. Nokia mobile phone was very easy to track in compare to Sony Ericsson.

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my self...


Firstly, I want to tell about myself. My name is a Norhaliza Halina binti Mohd Yusof, you call me lieza.. I live at Kg Mak Chili Paya, Kemaman. I was born 19 April 1986 at Kg Mengabang Panjang, Batu Rakit. I have 5 siblings and I’m the second one.

My favourite food is a chocolate, fried rice and so on. My hobbies are reading, music, cooking and clean up the house. I like to read magazines such as cosmopolitan, intrend, cleo and newspaper. I like to cook because I want to cook the ‘ketupat sotong’ for ira.he..he..he..

Actually, I want to be a businesswomen but now I want to learn more about business world. I’m student from Polytechnic Sultan Azlan Shah, Diploma in Electrical Engineering. I’m grad last year, now I was training at Spike@trg. During my free time, I use to help my family manage their shop. My parents sell clothes. On the same time, it makes me interested to be a successful businesswomen. My parents open the shop at Centre Point Kemaman and in front of ‘Pasar Harian’. I training at Spike@trg because I want to improve myself to be a good person in ICT. Eventhough I have no basic in ICT couses, I confident can do it.

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